I love my bathroom but I’m so lost when it comes to finding just the right décor. I found this and loved its swirls.

I got it home and put it right where I imagined and… blegck! It was way too dark. In fact, every time I walked into the bathroom, this is how I saw it:

I’m really inspired by the bright whites and pale turquoises and aqua blues that you’d see in a spa – hence the “Picture Facelift” post. (btw, that picture is hanging in the same bathroom).
Remember this?

Oh, this is just gorgeous!

Thank you Better Homes & Gardens for the picture!

I’m done drooling and back to my shelf –
So, it was attacked with some white paint.
Here’s the after:

Ahhhh, much better. Now, what to put on the shelves?

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  1. How pretty! I would love one of those in my bathroom but the corners of my tub do this slope thing…the shelf would just slide right off 🙁 I'd put candles and apothecary jars filled with sand, seashells and river rock.

  2. Thanks for swinging by! I loved exploring your blog, you have some great recipes, and I'm really impressed by how much the color on your bathroom accessory brightened things up! I look forward to following along. :O)

  3. I am a new friend from FF. I have enjoyed reading some of your stuff. I can't wait to poke around more. Come by to say hi and become a follower. Come enter my giveaway!

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