I’m that mom.

The one who doesn’t buy the candy
for her kids in line at the grocery store.
It’s because I just don’t like feeding them artificial junk.
We live far away from a grocery store
with lots of options so I end up ordering a few things online
(like natural candy and my favorite…my love..

my Scharffen Berger chocolate

– but I’ll save that for another post).

Since we were in “Big City” after taking
my brother back to the airport,

we made a trip to the grocery store.(We miss you!)

This big city store has an INCREDIBLE
international foods aisle.
 I got to stock up on organic coconut milk
for my curry chicken.
Of the zillion products in that aisle,
my daughter found the British/Swiss candies.
She found Smarties.
I thought they were just like the Smarties you’d find at Halloween.
The Nestle version is like a big m&m.
My daughter asked me to check for junk in them.
(gotta love that)
So, I checked and was very surprised that there are
no artificial ingredients!
AND, the colors are from natural sources.
I haven’t tried them yet but the kids love them so they’re a hit.
 I love to find food without junk!
Isn’t it crazy that it’s like a treasure hunt to find
REAL food in the grocery store?
Before I left the British treats aisle, I had to also pick up a few Crunchie Bars because they’re crazy delicious.
 I’m not-so-patiently waiting for
natural foods to become mainstream.

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  1. ran across your blog just a few seconds ago and I immediately had to follow.
    I love that you go for the non-artificial things.

    sounds like your little girl is just a cutie!!


  2. What a good find! I'll keep it in mind for the next time we buy candy…like at Halloween.
    My recent surprise was a more simple version of Go-gurt. The newest boxes have no artificial colors or flavors and no HFCS. It still has more sugar than I'd like, but for a once-in-a-while lunch box item, it's better than many of the options out there. (I'd send the boys with conainers of healthy yogurt, but the containers either don't get recycled or the home ones get tossed.)
    Making homemade granola bars tonight…crossed fingers that they turn out great!

  3. I love Smarties. I was introduced to them by my uncle who grew up in Great Britain. Now, my father gets me some every time he travels to France on business. I certainly wish they would begin selling them in the United States as well.

  4. European candy/food products don't have Red #40, Lake Blue, Yellow #6, Yellow #7 and others because they are ILLEGAL in every developed nation except the U.S.! The substances are derived from petroleum sludge. The FDA has been "purchased" by large companies and do not look out for our kids. Thankfully, there is a growing trend of smart parents who tell their children, "If there is a color word on the ingredients list, it is not allowed in our bodies!" Same goes for HFCS. My three year old can read color words – lol! Thanks for educating others!

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