Since I couldn’t find tortillas in the grocery store made 
without partially hydrogenated oils, 
I’ve been on a search for a tortilla recipe. 
One that does NOT include shortening. 
I’ve made them using butter, using oil, 
and using a combination of the two.
Finally!  I’ve found a recipe that has the right ingredients and consistency. The final product is a chewy tortilla with great flavor. Mmm, perfect!

Homemade Tortillas

4 cups Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
3/4 tsp Salt
2-3 T Lard or Butter
3/4 cup Warm Water

Add all ingredients except for the warm water into a mixer bowl.  Mix to combine.  Slowly add water until a ball of dough is formed.  Cover and let dough rest 30 minutes.

Divide dough into golf ball sized rounds.  Heat skillet to medium.  Press dough in tortilla press and transfer to skillet.  Cook for less than one minute on each side.  Keep cooked tortillas wrapped in a towel or in a tortilla warmer until ready to serve.

No rolling here! No sirree!

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. 
My tortilla press!


Some are made from wood, aluminum, plastic, or cast iron.  
Cast iron is by far the most durable.
I found my tortilla press HERE.

To get started, mix the flour, salt, and baking powder in a mixer. Add the lard and mix until it’s crumbly. Add the warm water and mix until a ball of dough is formed.

Cover and refrigerate for about 30 min.

Divide into balls.


I bought the press made of cast iron. It costs a little more but is very strong.

Here she is naked.

The plating on the press leaves dark spots on my dough so I wrap parchment paper around the bottom

and top the dough with another sheet before I drop the press.

Plunk it down

Press with handle


Pop it into a hot pan for a few seconds.  Flip and cook for a few more seconds until brown.
Chewy, warm, and delicious!

I haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure the tortilla press would also be a perfect tool to make perfectly round wonton wrappers or mini pie crusts for individual tarts or pot pies.



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  1. Yum. Your tortillas looks amazing. My favorite kitchen gadget is my panini press. I am working on improving my cooking skills and the panini allows me to make some delicious sandwiches little skill required!

    Stopping by from New Friend Friday @ the Girl Creative. Hope you have a great day!

  2. oh man I love tortillas and those look awesome! It's funny because I just saw a blog post today where a girl was looking for a good tortilla recipe, isn't blogland crazy? I'm going to send her a link to your blog. Thanks for signing up for my giveaway!

  3. I live in South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, the mecca of tortillas, and there is a great cookbook – both corn and flour-with all sorts of authentic Mexican recipes.

    The title is South Texas Mexican Cookbook by Lucy Garza.

    Her recipe for tortillas de harina (flour) calls for 4 cups flour,2/3 shortening,2 tsps salt,1 tsp baking powder, and hot water.

    I enjoyed this post.

    I am now a follower-
    Come by if you have time-


    White Spray Paint

  4. You know I usually don't read through tutorials BUT I have one of those and have never used it- now I see how easy it really is- and that is FAB Looks like somehting my kids would love to do too 😉 Happy FF- I am sooo following you now- hope you can stop by my place soon 😉

  5. Hi there again!
    I love reading your blog! I just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blog role as one of my favorite blogs to read! I hope your having a great day!

  6. I found your site on PW's post about flour tortillas. I have the same tortilladora or tortilla press, but I never use it for flour tortillas because 1) the press is mainly for corn tortillas and 2) it makes the flour tortillas too fat/thick for my taste. So, the press is great for gorditas. I wish thick tortillas didn't bother me so much because I love how perfectly round yours are. You have a cute blog here!

  7. Cool beans, man. I just found your blog through PW's comments and I am DYING to get a tortilla press. I've been begging my hubby to make me one (he's a carpenter), but so far, nada.

    I like you, and I like your style, therefore, you must be added to my blogroll.

  8. I found your blog (also) through PW's comments and I have a tortilla press but have only made corn tortillas so far! So happy that you are recommended the press because I hate rolling dough! Regarding thick tortillas – I press several times and hard. I'm really hoping that I can get them thin enough to use for a chimichanga recipe I'm making for a new mommy and family.

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