I’ve been interested in getting (or making) a white box for a while.  The effect it has on pictures is just gorgeous.  

It’s basically a mini white tent with filtered lighting. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the picture – we all have ’em.  The obnoxiously over flashed, too close, cluttered background photos.  

I think the worst is when someone takes a shot of a dish WAY too close with the flash.  It can make an otherwise yummy recipe look like something out of a cheap diner trashcan.  

The white box is a mini studio.  Some are small enough to set up on a desk or table.  

This is a pop-up model from Cowboy Studio.
This light box comes with two lights.

It’s a great tool if you’re selling items on ebay or if you have an etsy shop.  

Here are a few DIY tutorials with lots of pictures:  
It’s also a great idea as a gift for a blogger!

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  1. Hey Sarah I have been meaning to make one of these too but I never have "time" but it would be SO much better for my etsy stuff! Cowboy studios is where I ordered my lights and backdrops from! They shipped really fast too.

  2. I have learned so much about taking photos of food since starting my blog. Food is so hard to capture. I NEVER, EVER use a flash. I wish my little point and shoot didn't even have a flash.
    I can't do without PhotoScape..it's such a great place to "play" with your photos.
    I've also learned that ALL food looks better on a white dish. Guess Better Homes and Gardens knows a thing or two. :))
    I am new here and anxious to go back and read some of your older posts.
    Come by to see me sometime..I nearly ALWAYS have FOOD. :)))

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