How To Paint A Room In Minutes

painting a wall in minutes with Wagner Roller on Sugar Bananas

To paint a room is a daunting task, especially if the room is filled with heavy furniture and has tall ceilings.  I’ve put off painting our gingerbread colored living room for almost two years out of fear of it becoming a huge production.  That’s when I found a magical tool. This post contains affiliate links […]

Please Clean Deep Inside Your Dryer Vent NOW!

Clogged dryer vents can cause a fire.  It’s the perfect combination of heat and lint.  Even though I swipe the lint trap clean after each drying cycle, there is still a lot left inside the unit.  Removing it is such an easy process, given you have the right tools.  It takes me less than five […]

Incredible Lightning Storm

We’re dying for rain here – DYING!  The rain deficit is around 15″ now.  So, when a storm heads into town, it’s a big deal.  As I’m writing this, there’s a gorgeous, all-day storm going on just outside of my window.  AMEN!   Recently we had a lightning storm – no rain, just lots of […]

Ikea/Target Picture Facelift

This picture has been in my closet for-ev-er and I decided I was either going to trash it or doctor it a bit.  I found a few bottles of acryllic paint at Walmart and thought I’d have a go at painting over all of the DARK areas.  I have no idea what I was thinking […]

My Favorite Parenting Gadgets

I love when the kid catalogs pop up in my mailbox.  They’re filled with all kids of gadgets and toys to make parenting easier.  Some of the items seem like a big help while others look like a waste of money.   Here’s a list of my favorite products that I’ve found to be a […]

Flat-Top Stove is LIKE NEW AGAIN!

class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;” I’ve tried:  the rough side of a sponge Magic Eraser baking soda  and whatever else I could find to try to remove the cooked-on ring around the elements on my flat-top stove.   Nothing worked! It was to the point where  I just couldn’t stand to look at it any […]