Bacon-Topped Corn Chowder

Bacon corn chowder from sugar bananas

Bacon Corn Chowder is the perfect comfort food. It’s creamy, hot, and savory all in the same bowl. Whether it’s Summer and you have a bunch of fresh corn or it’s Winter and you crave a hot, creamy bowl of delicious, I’ve got the recipe for you. Bacon Corn chowder! Corn is so versatile, you […]

Raw Strawberry Mango Avocado Salad

This sweet, summery salad is juicy and so flavorful – just delicious on top of some baby spinach. My good friend tried an intriguing diet this summer.  She saw the documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” about a man on a mission to lose a considerable amount of weight to reverse his obesity-related symptoms. He […]

Cherry Apricot Chevre Topping

In search for something else to make with my apricot preserves, I kept coming across this savory treat.   At first, there was no way I was going to eat goat cheese.   Now, I can. not. get. enough!   THREE large packages of goat cheese later… I’m still craving this snack. Buttery cracker topped […]

Pressed Homemade Tortillas

    Since I couldn’t find tortillas in the grocery store made  without partially hydrogenated oils,  I’ve been on a search for a tortilla recipe.    One that does NOT include shortening.  I’ve made them using butter, using oil,  and using a combination of the two.   Finally!  I’ve found a recipe that has the […]

Painted Easter Crackers

So there I was. It was 9pm and I was signed up to bring in CHIPS to the Easter party (the next morning).  Chips were too easy.  So, I found a recipe  for  CHEESE CRACKERS.  They turned out more like cheesy biscuits but were still very good! I’d suggest cutting back on the baking powder […]

How to Roast Garlic

Lots of foodie posts this week! I have a TON of garlic I need to use before my pantry turns into a garlic garden. In fact, here’s just the beginning of my mini garlic garden. I lopped off the top and greased her down.. With this: In this PC oil sprayer: Just about 10 pumps: […]