It’s party time! Do you need some Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas? These jolly options will make your spread extra festive for your party guests!

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Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas:

  1. Stenciled Cookies

Pile of Christmas Stencils Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas Sugar BananasStenciled reindeer cookie with powdered sugar Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas from sugar bananasI like to use a tasty chocolate shortbread to get a perfectly smooth top. This is a fantastic recipe, loaded with chocolate flavor. You can also make plain sugar cookies and dust with cocoa instead for a different contrast. The stencils are SO FUN! We’ve even used them for stenciling on icing after the cookies have cooled. You can find the stencils here. You may also like: Iced Oatmeal Christmas Cookies or Flax’d Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies.

2. Pinecone Appetizer / Cheese Ball Cream Cheese Cheese Ball Pinecone Appetizer Wood Slice crackers Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas from sugar bananas

When you’re planning Christmas party buffet food ideas, remember you can make the savory items just as festive as your sweets. This pinecone is adorable a super simple! You just need 2 ingredients (3 if you’re feeling fancy) to create this showstopping cheese ball appetizer. You’ll need 1-2 packages of cream cheese per pinecone and approximately 2-3 cups of almonds. If you want to add some extra flavor, you can mix the cream cheese with a packet of dip seasoning first. Then, form the cheese in the the shape of a pine cone. (Wider base, pointed tip, and rounded middle.) Next, starting at the tip, begin lightly pressing the base of the almonds into the cheese. Work in rows until you have completely covered the cheese. If you have a live tree, you can garnish the plate (or wood slice in the photo) with tree clippings. You may also like: Easy Christmas Food GIFT Ideas

3. Snowman Cheeseball  Snowman Cheese Ball Cream Cheese Parmesan Pretzel Appetizer Dip from sugar bananas Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas

Another idea you could make with the cream cheese is the cream cheese snowman. Again, just like the pine cone, you can mix the cream cheese with a dip mix first, then form into the desired shape. For this snowman, I used four total packages of cream cheese. Two and a half packages formed the bottom half of the snowman and then one and a half packages created the head. Then, I rolled the balls in grated parmesan cheese and assembled into a cute snowman. Finally, I gave him some pretzel arms, a matchstick carrot for a nose, and peppercorns for the face.

4. Christmas Lights Cupcakes

To make things easier on yourself, you could purchase cupcakes already made and then simply decorate the tops with cookie icing first and then add m&m’s. I like to use the cookie icing that is pre-made and has a small tipped opening. It helps to draw the perfect sized string of lights. You could also do a variation of blue m&m’s for Hanukkah. Christmas light cupcakes supplies cookie icing mms from sugar bananas Christmas Party Buffet Food IdeasChristmas Light Cupcakes from sugar bananas Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas

5. Milk, White, and Dark Chocolate Truffle TreeWhite Dark and milk chocolate truffle christmas tree from sugar bananas with marshmallows Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas

When it comes to planning out the most festive buffet table for your Christmas party, it’s always nice to add some height, too. At Christmastime, its easy to do with a tree of treats. I started with a foam cone form, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and then used toothpicks to attach chocolate truffles. You can make your own truffles to attach or use premade truffles found here. Strawberries and marshmallows are delicious options to add along with the chocolate as well. Or, if you want to use the foam core for savory bites, you could use toothpicks to attach lunch meats, olives, cheeses, or other soft foods.

6. Vegetable Christmas Tree PlatterChristmas Tree vegetable veggie tray carrots cauliflower broccoli pepper star from sugar bananas Christmas Party Buffet Food Ideas

If you’re already planning to serve a vegetable tray for your Christmas party buffet, why not make it extra festive?? This idea doesn’t even require any extra ingredients! Start with the tree portion first and assemble the broccoli into a tree. I kind of feel like broccoli was made for this! Use the stalk of the broccoli for the tree trunk. Then, simply assemble the cauliflower and carrots all around. Finish with some grape tomatoes as ornaments and a yellow pepper “star.” There they are! Six super easy Christmas party buffet food ideas to add some ho ho ho your holiday! Merry Christmas! Be sure to also check out these entree and dessert ideas for planning your Christmas menu. shop this post on

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