How To Paint A Room In Minutes

painting a wall in minutes with Wagner Roller on Sugar Bananas

To paint a room is a daunting task, especially if the room is filled with heavy furniture and has tall ceilings.  I’ve put off painting our gingerbread colored living room for almost two years out of fear of it becoming a huge production.  That’s when I found a magical tool. This post contains affiliate links […]

Easy Pot Upgrade You Can Do In Minutes

Cheap and Easy Indoor Houseplant Pot Makeover Rope

Confession.  I’m a recovering pot and plant hoarder.  I’ve scaled my houseplant hoarding way back but there was a time when I had dozens of plants all around the house.  Reading articles about how plants clean the air kept me acquiring more.  I love my greens.  As winter approaches, most of my potted deck plants end up […]

How To Refresh Dirty Grout

pinnacle image of how to refresh dirty grout laundry room tile with washer and dryer

How to Refresh Dirty Grout Dirty, tired grout is one of my pet peeves.  I love the look of tile.  There are quite a few benefits to installing tile versus other flooring.  However, if the grout looks grungy, I feel like it ruins the whole look of the room.  I’ve tried lots of tips and […]

Teacher Gift Idea

Happy Back-To-School to you!Some have already started back to school and many kids begin tomorrow. Here’s a re-post of an easy, inexpensive, and much-loved gift for teachers. I had some crazy idea to make a Christmas gift for my daughter’s teacher.  I’ve never made anything like this before so I wasn’t sure if it would even […]

Ikea/Target Picture Facelift

This picture has been in my closet for-ev-er and I decided I was either going to trash it or doctor it a bit.  I found a few bottles of acryllic paint at Walmart and thought I’d have a go at painting over all of the DARK areas.  I have no idea what I was thinking […]

Crayon Monogram Teacher Gift

Crayon Monogram Teacher Gift Frame on Sugar Bananas

A crayon monogram is an easy way to make a unique, meaningful gift for someone special or an adorable wall hanging for a child’s bedroom or playroom.  With just a few supplies, this project comes together quickly.   I had some crazy idea to make a Christmas gift for my daughter’s preschool teacher. I’ve never […]