Confession.  I’m a recovering pot and plant hoarder.  I’ve scaled my houseplant hoarding way back but there was a time when I had dozens of plants all around the house.  Reading articles about how plants clean the air kept me acquiring more.  I love my greens.  As winter approaches, most of my potted deck plants end up living inside until it’s warm again.

Cheap and Easy Indoor Houseplant Pot Makeover Rope

So, what happened? When we moved across the US, I had to let a bunch of my plants go and only keep what could fit in our cars among suitcases and kids since the moving company doesn’t transport plants (?)

The plants that I chose to bring along surprisingly survived but just barely.  The plants themselves needed some TLC and the pots also took a beating…so embarrassing.

I am loving the latest trend with houseplants set into baskets.

Pot Inspiration Ideas:

healthy fiddle leaf plant in front of a bright window against a stark white wall sitting in a pot in a woven basket on dark wood floors

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huge fiddle leaf plant in a basket in a pot in a light and bright living room with tall windows a bookshelf a glass coffee table with brass a settee table and one chart a white sofa couch and cups

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fiddle leaf plant in basket in a pot next to a low level bookshelf with candles and a flower assortment

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But, I assumed a basket large enough for this huge planter would be fairly expensive.

So, I went with plan B.

A glue gun, some basic supplies, and 10 minutes was all it took to give my pots a makeover.  I ended up liking the look even more than before the move.

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It’s so easy to upgrade an inexpensive plastic planter. With a little extra texture, color, and dimension, my planters went from Walmart to Pottery Barn in just a few minutes. I set the planter on a lazy susan to easily turn the base and then fired up the glue gun. I started at the bottom and slowly glued about 3-4 inches at a time, coiling the rope around the planter, gluing 3-4 inch sections of rope at a time, and turning the lazy susan as I went along. It only took about 10 minutes and the planter looked 100% better.



Glue Gun

Extra Glue Sticks

Lazy Susan

I already had the glue gun, the glue, and the lazy susan. So, this upgrade only cost a roll of rope and about 10 minutes.

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cheap and easy five minute pot upgrade

This project is so, so easy.  An easy pot upgrade takes minimal effort and delivers a beautiful effect.

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  1. I too used to have a ton of plants but I tend to forget about them, that or I over water them and ruin my tabletops. So now I stick to just a few because every home needs something living and green in it.

    And, there is nothing worse than yucky water marks at the bottoms of the post. Using rope to hid that is brilliant but being a natural material if it gets wet it’s not a big deal. And the plus is that it looks great and updates a plain pot. Great job Sarah!

    1. I think the same way about needing something living and green. I tend to go overboard though! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment 🙂 -Sarah

    1. Plant hoarding is a thing! haha It’s hard to not buy them and it’s even harder to get rid of them. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment 🙂 -Sarah

    1. Thanks Debbie. Yep, that pot was headed to the garbage if I couldn’t hide the ugly water marks. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment 🙂 -Sarah

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