How To Paint A Room In Minutes

painting a wall in minutes with Wagner Roller on Sugar Bananas

To paint a room is a daunting task, especially if the room is filled with heavy furniture and has tall ceilings.  I’ve put off painting our gingerbread colored living room for almost two years out of fear of it becoming a huge production.  That’s when I found a magical tool. This post contains affiliate links […]

Painted Easter Crackers

So there I was. It was 9pm and I was signed up to bring in CHIPS to the Easter party (the next morning).  Chips were too easy.  So, I found a recipe  for  CHEESE CRACKERS.  They turned out more like cheesy biscuits but were still very good! I’d suggest cutting back on the baking powder […]

Painted Easter Crackers

painted easter crackers from

A cute take on simple crackers, these painted Easter snack crackers are fun and super easy for kids to decorate just like Easter eggs. So there I was. It was 9pm and I was signed up to bring in CHIPS to the Easter party (the next morning). Chips were too easy. So, I found a […]

Fun Kids’ Breakfasts They’ll LOVE

4 fun kid breakfasts on wjla good morning washington

Trying to keep meals interesting if you have picky eaters can be a challenge for parents. I’ve created four FUN kids’ breakfasts ideas to share with Good Morning Washington and to help you break the every day cereal routine. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read the full disclosure policy. […]

Laundry Room Makeover for under $100

before and after hundred dollar room makeover laundry on

It can be done. A whole laundry room makeover can happen for under $100 and look fantastic! My blogging friends and I decided to challenge ourselves to makeover a space in our home for $100.┬áThis is my very first $100 room makeover challenge so I was nervous at first. $100 can add up fast and […]

Easy Easter With The BEST Ham Ever

campfire sugar rubbed ham from sugarbananas

Easter is one of our favorite holidays. Laid back, no stress to buy a ton of gifts, and no icy weather. Just show up with a smile and a hungry belly. In the past, I had a tendency to over-complicate hosting for Easter. I’d spend hours cleaning only to turn around and spend hours cooking. […]