Easter is one of our favorite holidays. Laid back, no stress to buy a ton of gifts, and no icy weather. Just show up with a smile and a hungry belly.

easy easter ham

In the past, I had a tendency to over-complicate hosting for Easter. I’d spend hours cleaning only to turn around and spend hours cooking. No thank you. It takes away all of my time that I’d rather spend enjoying my family.

easy easter ham and glaze drip on sugar bananas

Enter CUREMASTER RESERVE Ham. They prepare a gourmet ham and deliver it right to my door in its own cooler. What I love the most is that this ham tastes like a ham I’d find in a 5 star restaurant. The meat is super moist, super flavorful, and super tender. Did I say, “super”? Because I mean superrrrrrrr tender. By far, the best ham I’ve ever tasted. I seriously didn’t know ham could taste this good.

easy easter ham delivered to your door apple cider bourbon glaze on sugar bananas

Step 1: Choose Your Rub

You can order your ham to fit your family’s unique taste.  The ham comes in 5 different rubs to choose from. I ordered the Campfire Sugar Rubbed (of course I did!).

Step 2:  Add A Glaze

Then, I ordered the Apple Cider Bourbon Glaze to compliment the rub. Smooth like buttah. Friends, this is part of what makes this ham stand apart from any other ham I’ve ever had. These flavors are insanely delicious and will blow away any other ham you’ve ever eaten. You can select just one or order a flight of three flavors.

Step 3: Use This Coupon Code!

Head over to CUREMASTER RESERVE and use this code for $20 off your order: *** TRYCUREMASTERHAM20 ***

Step 4: Relax Because Easter Ham is DONE!

It’s literally done. CUREMASTER RESERVE Hams arrive cooked and ready to heat and serve. And, since they cure in small batches, you know you’re getting an excellent quality ham. Each ham also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With the main course checked off of your list, you’ll have more time for fun Easter activities and desserts.

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Step 5: Happy Easy Easter!

Make Easter easy on yourself. Give yourself a huge break this year and have your ham delivered already done and delicious. Head over to CUREMASTER RESERVE to order your Easter Ham!


easy easter ham on sugar bananas

easy easter ham glaze campfire sugar rubbed

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