An Easter dessert cookie pizza loaded with fresh fruit and white chocolate frosting. It’s a gorgeous centerpiece and tastes delicious. Plus, It’s so easy, kids love to help.

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookie from Sugar Bananas 1

This same recipe could be used for any holiday…not just Easter. I’m excited to make this into a beach ball design for summer cookouts and maybe a gingerbread dough covered in cheesecake frosting in the Fall. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read the full disclosure policy.

Easter Cookie Pizza Instructions

The base is cookie dough that I rolled into shape and baked. After the huge cookie is cooled, it’s topped with a simple white chocolate frosting and then decorated with tons of bright fruits. That’s it! Easter always makes me want to create with white chocolate. It’s flavor is so light and reminds me of all things Spring. However, I’m sure a good quality milk or dark chocolate would be equally delicious in this recipe.

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookie Side View

You could even streamline the process even more by using a packaged cookie dough, ready to bake. I used Immaculate Baking Cookie Dough. I rolled and shaped it directly on the baking sheet, lined with parchment paper. (What did I ever do before I learned about parchment paper?)

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookie Side View on Sugar Bananas

For the frosting, I whipped a stick of butter in my mixer for a few minutes and then added about a cup of melted white chocolate and some powdered sugar to thicken. It held the fruit nicely and tasted like a white chocolate bunny. Yum

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookie Close Up on Sugar Bananas

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookie close up of blueberries and mandarin oranges and grapes

The only problem I had was finding a serving tray large enough to hold the huge cookie. I ended up finding a large cardboard box and cutting it to size. Then, I covered it with aluminum foil and taped it on the back.   Easy fix!

Easter Egg Fruit Pizza Cookie from Sugar Bananas 1

pin image pizza fruit easter cookie

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Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter holiday together.

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