Oh, look at what I found in blogland tonight! 

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Heidi Kenney is as creative as it gets when it comes to plush and paper crafts.  I’ve been ooooohing and ahhhhhing over her blog for the last half hour. 

Then, I found the “Dirty Dozen” card and thought, “This is ADORABLE as well as functional.  It’s a cheat sheet naming the more heavily pesticided foods.  Her signature artistic characteristics make the fruits and veggies come alive.  Just look at those eyes.

 I’ve been tirelessly trying to teach
 my kids about the “junk” in foods
…(Remember my “Vanilla vs Vanillin” post?)…
and these cards would be a great way to illustrate
“The Dirty Dozen” and “The Clean Fifteen.” 

Above is her colorful “Dirty Dozen.”  For the “Clean Fifteen” and the printable file to download, check out Heidi Kenney’s blog, My Paper Crane.  While you’re there, be sure to check out her other adorable crafts.  This blogger is one creative woman! 

Thanks to Heidi for your quick reply to my permission request 🙂

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  1. My paper crane is one of my favorite crafty blogs…I saw that card too…but havent downloaded yet.

    she is soooo good at what she does, but i feel like with no kids and a dog who likes to chew stuff that look like her plushes…there isnt any room in my life for them… YET.

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