The avocado seed can be such a pain to remove.  Then, once it’s out, I feel bad for just throwing it away.  I recently found an easy seed removal technique AND a way to preserve it – even how to use it in my decor as a house plant.  
For the longest time, I’ve tried to dig the seed out with a spoon.  It’s messy and frustrating.  One night I was watching Food Network before bed (bad idea if you’re watching your weight!) and saw Giada cut and seed an avocado in seconds.  First, she cut it in half and then here’s what she did…
It was like a karate chop with a large knife, a twist, and it popped out with ease.  I love how it left the flesh in tact.  
Here’s another way to seed an avocado, cutting it into quarters.

What to do with that seed?  

Check out for more info about growing an avocado tree or just training it as a house plant.  

There are a lot of avocado gadgets available – who knew?
I need to get one of these avocado slicers for the next step.

…and then there’s the avocado storage

I recently made a fresh summery salad recipe using avocados.  It’s a new favorite around here. 

Raw Strawberry Avocado Mango Salad

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