It got to the point that I had to talk OVER
the noise of the fridge. 
We bought it only four years ago so it wasn’t nearly time for a replacement (although, that would be nice!). 
Dreaming for a second…
Ok, back to reality…
I finally had enough of the fridge noise.
Plus, it’s not keeping our food very cold.
So, I decided to take a look at the coils. 
I pulled it away from the wall and found this on the floor. 
Egchk.  Notice the cobwebs on the wall?
Keep pulling the fridge…
Double yuck!
The coils have to wait.  I’ve gotta clean this first. 
That led to pulling out the vacuum,
which led to pulling out the mop. 

Ahhh, much better.
Then, onto the main unit. 
Now I’m back up and off to grab a flashlight.
Once again, the coils have to wait.  I’ve gotta clean this now.
 It looked like a haunted house under there! 
Cobwebs, dust, cat hair – it was gross.
I sucked up all of the funk, screwed the cover back on,
pushed the fridge back to the wall and went for the front. 
I’ll get to the coils EVENTUALLY! 
The front grill wasn’t too bad but still got a good scrubbin’.
Ok, the coils…
Oh no!
This is just wrong.
Haha, I even found this…
My own little dust bunny.
I vacuumed as far as I could reach and then had hubs tilt the fridge backward so I could get to even more funk. 
(Yes, ‘funk’ is the best word for what I found).
I swept, mopped, wiped, vacuumed and scrubbed.
Much better!
Although, I would have LOVED to turn the fridge upside down and get the ins and outs of each coil. 
This will do for now since flipping a fridge won’t happen.
Now it purrs like a sleeping kitten.
It can b.r.e.a.t.h.e.
It’s amazing what a good coil cleaning can do for fridge efficiency.  I did some research and found that a fridge covered in dust and ‘funk’ (my own word, hehe) can decrease efficiency by up to 30%.
I no longer talk over the fridge and our food is staying nice and cold now. 
I just wonder how often I’m supposed to clean the coils. 
 The fridge will probably remind me
but I never want it to get that bad again. 
…how embarrassing…
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  1. Um I know how clean you are Sarah so if yours looks like that I wonder what the heck mine looks like! YIKES! Of course I do not have cats so it probably has slightly less hair! haha

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