Never did I think I’d be making a nap mat cover but I recently found myself in front of my sewing maching until the wee hours of the morning assembling this glorified pillowcase!  I saw a few online but wanted to mix my own creative twist into the design.  Yup, that ended up costing me a few extra hours!  The extra time was spent planning measurements.  So, to do it again would not take me nearly as long.  NOT that I plan on making another nap map cover any time soon!

Here is a link to the free tutorial of which I based my own nap mat.  It has an attached blanket which I think is a great idea!  However, I chose not to attach a matching blanket due to cubby space issues. 

To keep the nap mat inside the cover, I used a strip of velcro just inside the hem. 
Or, you can always buy one on Etsy!  There are several different sellers and they make them with or without pillows and blankets attached.   

Here is the final product: 

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