This portable travel potty was recommended to me a few years ago by a friend who’s always in the know when it comes to kid stuff. I’m so glad because its come in handy more than once on road trips with the kids. It’s appropriately called, “Travel John”  and seriously though, its saved my car and my sanity dozens of times when we travel.

Travel John Jr.
Travel Potty

…like the time we were half way home

[FOUR hours into an EIGHT hour drive]

from vacation and realized we forgot the laptop so we turned around, picked it up, and drove back home.  Do the math – that’s a 16 HOUR trip! – with two kids under four.

It was also really helpful when I was potty training my little girl and we were no where near a potty. They’re always nice to have on hand. So, I bought another pack and thought you may want to know about this, too.

We live where traffic can extend your time in the car at a moment’s notice. A normally 20 minute drive can turn into an hour long bumper-to-bumper standstill. For my kids, it’s kinda cruel to say, “Hold it until we get home.” So when I hear,

“I gotta go peeee…my bwadder is fullll”,
they can easily pee before I can get to a public bathroom!

We used to live in the middle of Nowhere, TX. The Travel John travel potty was helpful there as well. Most of the time, it was a solid 45 minute drive into civilization. If the kids had to go, they could use one of these instead of the complete hillbilly act. The beads turn into a gel (kinda like when a diaper is wet) so it won’t spill.

When they mention their bwadder, I know they’re serious.

Don’t ask me how I know this.

It’s also good for vomit.

Please don’t ask me how I know this either.

If you’re traveling with young ones for the holidays, it’s definitely a great help on the road. I found my Travel Potty here.

I hope you’re all enjoying some nice family time this week.

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