Oh, this is just too cute.  I’ve seen this pop up on several blogs in blogland so I had to check it out.  Wordle will take your entire blog, search for the most commonly used words (omitting words like “the” and “to”) and creates a word cloud. 

It’s not just for blogs.  You can create word clouds to print out for home decor, book covers, t-shirts, etc.  The list goes on.

Love this! Check it out.  I made this at http://www.wordle.net/.

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  1. First, I just have to tell you that every time I visit your blog or hear your blog title, I get hungry! Sugar Bananas obviously triggers some sort of Pavlovian response for me!

    Thanks for the wordle link. I've seen a few of these on blogs and admire them. I've wondered how they were generated and have spent some time searching them out…to no avail. I'm so glad you hooked me up!

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