Straws are kind of a big deal around here.
Who knew?
My little ones go crazy for a straw in their cup.
They’re too pretty to just leave them in the bag.
 I made this container a few months ago
as a dry-run to make a much larger basket liner.
This practice piece was gonna be
 a home for paint brushes.
I think the straws are a much better fill-in.
Since it was for practice,
it’s made with scrap fabric.
(and doesn’t exactly match)


I did a Google search and found this video.
She does a great job explaining how to make
 a liner without having to sew any “tricky corners.”
It’s a very simple technique –
and the final result is perfect!


Watch at 01:12 for more about those corners.
Here are some of my steps:
Small coffee can.
See the video about determining measurements.
Here is my “tube”.
Make sure the seam is on top and then
pin down/sew the bottom closed.

Now it’s essentially a bag.

Move the top/bottom seam back over to the side.
Then, fold the bottom up like this.
Center the can on top of the flipped-up bottom.
Mark the width of the can.
Sew along the markings and then cut the excess.
It will now tuck into the can nicely.
If this weren’t a practice run,
I would have stopped after the “bag” step
of this project and slipped it into the can.
Now, to make the elastic edge.
Keep the wrong sides out and fold down
about 1/2″ of fabric to make a tunnel for the elastic.

Sew all the way around and

leave a small opening to thread the elastic.
Use a safety pin to help.  Once it’s all the way through,
hand sew a few stitches to attach the two ends of elastic.
Tuck the elastic into the fabric.
Tuck it back into the can and fold the top over the can rim.
Next, I covered the can with scrap paper and ribbon.
Filled it with straws…
All done 🙂
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