So there I was…standing in Hobby Lobby staring at their HUGE golden alphabet. The letters were on sale so I bought my daughter’s initials even though I had no idea what I would do with them. The gold color was a bit too shiny for me. They got a few coats of white paint and then I went to my ribbon stash. There was a sweet “flower-dy” (as my grandmom says and cracks me up) ribbon that I have been wanting to use but haven’t found the right project. I pulled out my paints and replicated the design onto the now-white letters.  Here’s the “J”:

After they were dry, I distressed the letters a tad for the gold to shine through.

Next, I cut about 2 feet of a wider ribbon. I glued the flowerdy ribbon on top

and tucked in the bottom. It held with some more glue.

This ribbon ensemble was then glued to the bottom back of each letter. Voila! Hair bow holders!

They reside on either side of her mirror and I’m so thankful for how much of my time has been saved. No longer am I rushing through or flipping the hairbow basket searching for a matching bow.  Anything to prevent a huge mess!

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