It can be done. A whole laundry room makeover can happen for under $100 and look fantastic! My blogging friends and I decided to challenge ourselves to makeover a space in our home for $100. This is my very first $100 room makeover challenge so I was nervous at first. $100 can add up fast and our laundry room needed a rescue. It turned out to be refreshingly gorgeous! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read the full disclosure policy.

Laundry Room Makeover:

Our laundry room doubles as our entryway so it gets tons of traffic every day. It’s been an eyesore since the day we moved in and quite an embarrassment when we have company. I try to just keep the door shut and hope no one mistakes it for the powder room door. Real talk…This is what I used to see when I’d walk in from the garage. Clothes, shoes, gloves, scarves, sports equipment, doggie bags, leashes, keys, lint, tools, library books, you name it. It just became a junk dump in serious need of a makeover. laundry room makeover before photo mess lg washer dryer entryway junk dump Now that I finally gave it a facelift, it’s so nice to come home (most likely with armloads of groceries) and be greeted with a calm, peaceful space.

First on the Agenda:

WALLS! I know some people love the cotton candy blue color. I do not. It’s not my favorite. It screams, “Circus!” to me. So, I knew if I was going to start somewhere in this laundry room makeover, it HAD to be the walls. My favorite wall color is Sherwin Williams’ Kilim Beige. It’s just the right amount of lightly warm neutral to feel soothing and inviting. You can see where I used it here to paint our whole living room in minutes with my magic paint wand. laundry room makeover hundred dollar after paint lilim beige sherwin williams on Even just a coat of paint made a huge difference. I wanted to just stop there but the floor was making me rageful. The previous owners left us a laundry room floor with a huge hole in the linoleum. Yuck. I’m guessing, iron? laundry room floor damage hole room makeover one hundred dollar on

Up Next:

My MIL just had her kitchen refinished, including her pantry.  I saw the gorgeous tiles on her pantry floor and knew they were JUST what I needed for my laundry room makeover. Peel ‘n Stick tiles have come a long way. These turned out so nice and look just like real tile. I did some basic math to figure I needed 60 tiles. Given the high traffic area, this is the perfect flooring idea. They look and feel just like real tile, except they’re WAY easier to install than real tile. armstrong peel and stick tile flooring floor on I first removed the quarter trim with a scraper and made sure to label each piece with tape so I could remember where it goes. Then, I cleaned the floor really well and let it dry. Next, the tiles literally just peel and stick. It was a bit of a job to make sure each tile laid perfectly straight. But, after sticking the first 3 tiles, they all lined up just right. They also cut super easily with a box cutter to fit the corner pieces. My knees thanked me for digging out my knee pads for this job! laundry room makeover tools hundred dollar knee pads scraper razor blade box cutter on

Finishing Touches:

After the walls and floors were done, the room already looked dramatically better. However, that wire shelf was sticking out to me. laundry room floor after armstrong peel and stick tiles on I didn’t want to remove it since we use it to hang up shirts out of the dryer. But, I was over the white wire. Got to go. Since it’s so sturdy, I decided to use the white wire shelf as the “bones” to hold a wooden cover to make it look like the whole shelf was made of wood. Back to Lowes for some wood. I love this man. He looked at my silly drawing of what I needed and made it happen. lowes wood cutting for laundry room makeover on leaving lowes laundry room makeover wood on Just two pieces of wood, some “L” brackets and some stain are all I needed to give the shelf a whole new look. Since the wood pieces were very soft and thin, the screws went in with just a screwdriver. wood for shelf for laundry room makeover on No! My carpet is not this dirty. I promise its a shadow from the sofa. Yikes! wood shelf cover with l brackets on laundry room makeover wood attached for shelf cover on After the two pieces were joined with the L brackets, I fit the faux shelf over the white wire shelf.  Yes, OVER! This project was almost too easy. After it was in place, I went over the front with some “Classic Gray” Minwax stain. I love the look of the gray wood stain with the gray washer and dryer. minx wood finish penetrating stain classic gray 271 on Somehow the floor also brings together the wall and washer colors. I never thought I’d be decorating around a washer but hey, it turned out just right. laundry room makeover hundred dollar halfway stained wood on finished laundry room after hundred dollar makeover challenge on The baskets on the shelf are HUGE and hold tons of stuff like paper towels and beach towels. You can find the textured baskets here.

Before and After:

The difference is dramatic! I feel it every time I enter our home. Also changing the bulb to a daylight light bulb got rid of the yellow glow in the room. For less than $100 and lots of elbow grease and muscle (moving washers is not easy), I’m in love with the change. before and after hundred dollar room makeover laundry on

Cost Breakdown:

Laundry Room Makeover Paint:  I bought a 5 gallon bucket with a 30% off Sherwin Williams coupon for repainting a few rooms in the house last summer. So, I’m guessing I used about a half gallon for this space. $18 Floors:  60 Armstrong floor tiles. $53 Shelf:  (Wood, brackets, stain) $13, $4, $5 Light:  Daylight bulb $6 Total: $99 shop this post on

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    1. Hey Lisa! Thank you! It’s a dramatically different feel when I walk in there now. I don’t feel my blood pressure rise any more when I open the door. Ha!

    1. Hi Gina! That’s so true. I ended up really loving the way this turned out. It was all in my head and I wasn’t sure how it would look when finished but I was pleasantly surprised when it all came together.

  1. Sarah what a great job you did. What an improvement over the original, everything 🙂 Super brilliant t cover that wire shelf and still be able to hang stuff. The floors look great, I need new tile in my front bathroom and have considered the peel-n-stick version for simplicity and cost.

    Oh and you are super cute in your car with the lumber purchase, I’ve done that sooooo many times 🙂

    1. Hi Toni! I was skeptical at first but once I saw how nice the tile looked in my MIL’s pantry, I was sold. It has held up beautifully over the last few weeks and it’s super easy to clean. If you want the grouted look, they also have a groutable peel n stick option. Big impact for little $

  2. This is an amazing transformation! I love your idea to cover the wire shelf! I may need to do that in my closet – wouldn’t have even thought of it… Rock on girlfriend!

  3. Sarah your laundry room looks so clean and fresh! Covering up the wire shelf is GENIUS! I have wanted to try the peel and stick tiles for our bathroom, after seeing yours I think I may just have the courage to do it. Great makeover!

  4. I Used those peel & stick tiles in a rental property we have, and it looks exactly like slate floor, such a great product! I love the color of yours, and the wall color is perfect! That shelf cover I have decided, is my nbext project for my pantry!! Way to go, girl!!!

  5. Great make over. I really like your storage bags, I’ve looked using your link to Amazon, but their largest is about 17x12x12. Yours look bigger than that. Can you give me measurements to look for? I need something pretty big. Thanks. Feel free to email me.

    1. Hey Wendy! Thanks for stopping by. I double checked the link and it’s the exact baskets I have in my laundry room. They’re 17” deep from the front to the wall. The dimensions may seem small but I think they’re a great size. They hold big beach blankets, light bulbs, extra paper towels, etc. I didn’t want them to hang over the front of the shelf so I didn’t go any larger than 17” deep. I hope this helps! Happy Thanksgiving to you! ? ❤️

  6. Oh my goodness, you read my mind w/ you wire shelf cover. Would you mind sharing what type of wood you used? The whole makeover looks amazing! We had to recently replace our laundry room floor due to a mishap and I have an itch to just update the room. Thx!

    1. Hey Kelly! Thank you for your kind comment. I’d love to tell you the type of wood but what I did was just went to the lumber section in Lowe’s and went with the cheapest, thinnest wood I could find. Its only job is to hold the small piece of trim across the front so it can be paper thin. The wire shelf is still in place so that’s what is holding all of the weight. I hope this helps! Have a great Thanksgiving ❤️

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