I’m a brownie junkie.  I can eat ’em raw, cooked, frozen, …whatever.  They’re my favorite.  
This brownie habit just got worse when I found the recipe for the best fudgy brownies I’ve ever tasted.  Sometimes I even frost them with Martha’s super shiny frosting.  

So, this afternoon, I checked out all-things brownie on amazon.  I’ve always baked them the old fashioned way…in a glass 9×12 dish.  Nothing fancy.  Who knew there were so many options for baking brownies?

Brownie Baking:

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan
You may have seen these before.  I’m enticed by the chewy edges and I’m really wanting to try this pan, given it’s 5 star status on Amazon.

Chewy Brownie Pan

Same outcome as the previous pan…just a different design.

Perfect Brownie Pan Set

It apparently bakes each brownie in a separate divider, creating evenly cooked and perfectly cut brownies.

Wilton Brownie Squares Baking Mold

This is a great idea for making brownie pops or covering brownies in chocolate.  This reminds me of the brownie bites at The Melting Pot.  
Wilton Brownie Lifter
I had no idea they made brownie lifters.  I’m sure a fork or other utensil would work fine.  This just looks all fancy and brownie-ready.
Brownie Appliances:

Ultimate Brownie Maker

This is a quick and easy-to-use brownie baker.  I like that I can make brownies in the summer without heating my kitchen.

Brownie Bite Maker

It can crank out 7 mini brownie bites in 5-8 minutes!

Brownie Bar Maker

If you need a little more substance than a small brownie bite, here’s what you need!  A full brownie bar is more my speed.

Storing and Gifting:

Wilton Brownie Treat Box

It comes with the inserts and a sticker sheet.

Brownie Liners

Just place on a cookie sheet and fill with brownie batter.  The paper peels away like a cupcake liner.  Or, use to hold already cut brownies.

Brownie Heart Cutters

Perfect for Valentine’s Day treats.  The two hearts interlock into one large square to reduce brownie waste.  (Is there such a thing as brownie waste?)

Brownie Heart Plunger

This sounds like something you’d find in an OR.  Nonetheless, it’s a heart-shaped cutter if you’re ok with brownie waste 🙂

Cookies and Cream Brownie Crunch

Brownie-flavored brownie topping.

Brownies Everywhere:

Essie’s “Brownie Points” Nail Polish

Brownie Cologne

To smell like rich, chocolatey brownies.  This cracks me up.

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  1. I always knew we were meant to be friends! haha Brownies are my absolute favorite too! I made some cinnamon rolls during Christmas time and had some left over cream cheese frosting. Usually I am not a big fan of the cream cheese frosting but this one that I made was so good. We made brownies and spread the frosting all over the top. Holy crap they were amazing! haha

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