I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year.  Actually, that really means I haven’t gone to the hair salon in that amount of time.  I seriously need to get there ASAP.

Funny how that happens.  Before kids, I went to get a cut and highlights every three or so months.  After having kids, a salon trip every few weeks is a comical idea.

In the mean time, it’s becoming such a chore to style hair that’s way past my shoulders.
To go from wet, shower hair to looking acceptable, is taking for-ev-er.

The ends need to be cut so it takes quite a bit of heat styling to make them look smooth.

Since it’s summer, I’ve just been pulling it into a pony tail. It’s fine but looks very much like one of those moms in desperate need of a makeover on the Today Show.

I found this bun tool and thought it was worth a try.


Given that it was only a few dollars, I didn’t have high hopes for it to hold all day.
I was wrong.
This this has become my favorite hair tool in my 20+ years of styling my hair.  Seriously.  It’s like a dream.  I am done in literally 30 seconds and my hair looks like I spent time actually concerned about my appearance.

A huge bonus for me is it actually stays in all day.  After it’s in, I don’t even have to touch it until I take it out.  No touch ups.  And, when I do take it out, my hair is full and wavy from being rolled inside.

They sell them for blondes or brunettes and also have a size for girls.
Here’s how simple:


I can’t believe I never knew about this before!

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