Buns Buns Buns

  I’ve been growing my hair out for about a year.  Actually, that really means I haven’t gone to the hair salon in that amount of time.  I seriously need to get there ASAP. Funny how that happens.  Before kids, I went to get a cut and highlights every three or so months.  After having […]

Everything Smurfy

Smurfs are back!  It’s so exciting to share them with my kiddos.  Many a Saturday morning was spent singing “la LA la la la la LA la la la la” Smurf stuff is popping up everywhere.  Check out what I found…   Smurf Bento.  Do I see blue rice?  Love it! source Homemade Papa Smurf […]

Dreamy Spring Cupcakes

Spring is here!       I’m loving the gorgeous  greens, pinks, and purples  popping up everywhere.       It’s been very inspiring to bake something sweet.       I came up with this brown sugar cake recipe  and topped it with maple buttercream.     It sings S P R I N G! […]

Crayon Monogram Teacher Gift

Crayon Monogram Teacher Gift Frame on Sugar Bananas

A crayon monogram is an easy way to make a unique, meaningful gift for someone special or an adorable wall hanging for a child’s bedroom or playroom.  With just a few supplies, this project comes together quickly.   I had some crazy idea to make a Christmas gift for my daughter’s preschool teacher. I’ve never […]

Homemade Chocolate Orange Lip Balm

chocolate bar unwrapped

Chocolate orange lip balm is one of my favorite all natural recipes.  The chocolate and orange are a perfect flavor combination. What better idea than to combine them into a lip balm.   Pin for later: After some time living in the south, I’ve found it can get pret-ty dry in the fall. –out of no […]

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry CUPCAKE

My mom loved strawberries.  I can remember a fresh bowl of berries being a staple on the counter next to the sink all summer long.  Her favorite was to slice them, sprinkle with sugar, and let them sit a while to make their own syrup.  Yum!  Oh how things changed when we found out how […]