A crayon monogram is an easy way to make a unique, meaningful gift for someone special or an adorable wall hanging for a child’s bedroom or playroom.  With just a few supplies, this project comes together quickly.  

I had some crazy idea to make a Christmas gift for my daughter’s preschool teacher. I’ve never made anything like this before so I wasn’t sure if it would even turn out nicely. Well, it did! And, it was super easy – much easier than it looks.

Crayon Monogram Supply List:

Shadowbox frame
Exacto blade
Box of 24 crayons (I bought one of the huge box of about a zillion crayons thinking I’d need them all.  Nope, 24 would have been plenty.)
Scrapbook paper

I finished it in about two hours – I thought it would take a lot longer.  The majority of my time was spent trying to print the perfect letter “E”.  If I were making a few of these at a time, I could get them done much faster.  Once you get to the crayon cutting and gluing stage, it assembles very quickly.  

After attempting to print an outline of a large letter “E”, I gave up and decided to draw it freehand.  It was a lot easier that way…especially since the scrapbook paper I chose is basically a grid with straight lines to follow. 

I lightly outlined an “E” with pencil and then arranged several crayons horizontally to make sure the height of letter was about right.

Then, I started cutting and gluing each crayon to the paper.

Once finished, I gathered up the colorful shavings left over and glued them to the border of the name plate at the bottom.

I was very happy with how this turned out – It was inexpensive and actually fun to make.  Don’t be scared of the exact knife.  Once you cut a few crayons, it’s easy to get the hang of it.  There’s a very small learning curve.

But, best of all… Ms. “E” was surprised and very happy with her special Christmas gift! 

I’m thinking this would be cute in a kid’s room or playroom too. 



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  1. Love it! I am a teacher and I would LOVE to get one of these!!!! I may get some shadow boxes to make these for my sons' teachers this weekend! Oh…I am your newest follower! Would love for you to visit me and follow back!!!!

  2. Hi Sarah, I saw this post on your sidebar yesterday and was so smitten with it that I "pinned" it on Pinterest. It's been getting massive repins. Just wanted to let you know how head-over-heels people were falling for your project over on the Pinterest boards. Jenn

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