Cocoa Banana Rollers

This is a favorite treat at our house. It’s also a great way to use up the last of your cocoa or shredded coconut. The recipe is very simple.  Just slice, roll, and dip! Although my babies are out of preschool (still not sure how they grow so fast), these would be a fun, make-your-own snack for […]

My Favorite Parenting Gadgets

I love when the kid catalogs pop up in my mailbox.  They’re filled with all kids of gadgets and toys to make parenting easier.  Some of the items seem like a big help while others look like a waste of money.   Here’s a list of my favorite products that I’ve found to be a […]

Warm Belly

We had a snow day and the kiddos were so restless by 9am.  I figured a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal would settle them down a little.  Aside from the sweets I added, they did actually calm down a bit.  Something about a full, warm belly makes anyone relax a bit. I added a scoop […]

Crayon Monogram Teacher Gift

Crayon Monogram Teacher Gift Frame on Sugar Bananas

A crayon monogram is an easy way to make a unique, meaningful gift for someone special or an adorable wall hanging for a child’s bedroom or playroom.  With just a few supplies, this project comes together quickly.   I had some crazy idea to make a Christmas gift for my daughter’s preschool teacher. I’ve never […]

Travel Potty Idea

Travel John Jr. This portable potty was recommended to me a few years ago by a friend who is always in the know when it comes to kid stuff.  I’m so glad because it has come in handy more than once on road trips with the kids.  It’s appropriately called, “Travel John.”  hehe  Seriously though, it has saved […]

Baby Shower Favor

Baby Sarah is HERE! A very healthy baby Sarah was born last week to a very excited mommy and daddy. For those of you saying, “Who is baby Sarah?”, read my recent post HERE about my good friend, Jenny. Here is one of the favors from Jenny’s baby shower last month. How nice of her […]