I love when the kid catalogs pop up in my mailbox.  They’re filled with all kids of gadgets and toys to make parenting easier.  Some of the items seem like a big help while others look like a waste of money.  

Here’s a list of my favorite products that I’ve found to be a HUGE help.  I’d love to personally thank the engineers…they’ve made my life easier.

Counting down…

10.  Popsicle Drip Catcher

Dripstik Ice Cream and Popsicle Holder - Various Colors, GreenThe top has a slot to hold popsicle sticks and the flip side has an opening for ice cream cones.  They’ve saved me from having to mop the floor a few times.  

9.  Food Catcher Bibs
Wupzey Waterproof Food Catcher Bib, 2pk, Blue Dot/Blue Giraffe, Large

Wupzey Waterproof Food Catcher Bib, 2pk, Pink Dot/Pink Giraffe, LargeAnother big help – especially when my kiddos started to feed themselves.  What I like most is they’re machine washable. 

8.  Invisible Potty Seat
Xpress Trainer Pro-All In One-Real Simple Potty Training Round/Standard Family Toilet Seat
This has been nice for clearing the floor space where a potty chair used to be.  There’s an extra seat hidden under the lid so all my little one has to do is raise the lid and go.  (Just remind guests or else they’ll wonder why you use little potty seats.  It’s one more flip of the toddler seat to get to the adult seat.)  

7.  Juice Box Holder
Juice Pal Insulated Juice Box HolderYes!  No more CapriSun geysers!  This has also saved me a few mopping jobs.

6.  No-Drill Top Lock
Safety 1st Prograde No Drill Top Of Door Lock
This looks funny but it clamps to the top of a door and only allows it to be opened about 5″.  It opens quickly and easily for those who can reach.  I keep this on the door to the garage.  My little escape artist was way too interested in playing out front without mommy. 

5.  Cooshee Booster
Baby Smart Cooshie Booster Seat - Blue
Love this!  It feels just like a Bumbo seat, stays put on our dining chair and is SUPER easy to clean.  It boosts my toddler up just enough.  Plus, his legs fit comfortably under the table.  It’s also easy to climb in and out of for meal time.  (My spine thanks this company!).

4.  Johnny Jump Up
Evenflo SmartSteps Jump and Go, ABC123
My kids really enjoyed this!  The spring action kept their little legs jumping for a while – long enough for me to make dinner or fold some laundry.  This was really convenient when my kids started crawling. It gave me a break from constantly chasing little ones.  Word has it that this was one of my favorites as a baby, too.  

Now, my TOP 3 favorite gadgets!

3.  Peapod Travel Tent
Kidco PeaPod Plus Travel Bed in Quick SilverPeaPod Lite Travel Bed in Tangerine by KidcoKidco Peapod Plus Periwinkle
Ahhhh!  Who came up with this?!  It’s a huge help on overnight trips to visit family and friends.  I can zip my baby into the tent at night without having to worry about him getting into things that are not baby-proofed.  If we go on a day trip, I’ll bring it along for nap time.  Our travel tent has been across the U.S. and to a few beaches and pools.  Love this tent!

2.  Swinging Gate
Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Close Gate with Extensions, White
I have extra-tall kids.  My first baby grew out of her crib quickly and went into a big girl bed.  The big problem with that is she never wanted to stay in her room.  I was worried she would get out of bed at night and try to go swimming in the back yard.  So, I had to get a gate.  I read what seemed like hundreds of reviews on gates and found this gem.  It’s extra tall which means my kids cannot climb over AND I don’t have to bend down too far to open it.  One review said, “My kid runs across the room and slams into this gate and it doesn’t budge.”  Yep, that sold me.  It lives up to its promise.  It’s very sturdy and easy to use.  My favorite part is that it swings shut after you walk through.  The extensions are included for larger doorways but I didn’t need them for a standard bedroom doorway.

1.  Crib Tent
Tots In Mind Cozy Crib Tent II 1, WhiteCrib Tents Portable Playard Tent Plus Sunshade, WhiteCrib Tent for Convertible Cribs, White
Remember I said I have tall kids?  Well, when my daughter started to climb out of her crib one morning, I knew I had to do something to keep her from hurting herself.  I just knew she was going to land on her head.  When my baby boy started to climb out of his crib, he was a little more crafty…he threw all of his bedding on the floor to cushion his fall.  Sheesh!

This tent is NOT EASY to install!  (Especially if you’re pregnant!)  But, once it’s on, it’s not moving.  Mesh makes this airy and see-through so my kids had no problem being zipped in at night.  It gave me a HUGE peace of mind knowing they wouldn’t fall out of their crib.  

There it is.  My favorite parenting gadgets.  I’m a gadget-y type of person so I love when new products are invented to make parenting/potty training/feeding simpler or easier.

I’d love to hear about your favorite parenting or kid-related products.

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  1. I remember when my son, now 21, was little. I would hand him a juice box and say don't squeeze it…and what did he do? I'm sure I don't have to tell you. :o)

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    Have a great week! La

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