These cutie patootie cupcakes were made for Valentine’s Day but they’re just too adorable to save them for just one holiday.  The cupcakes are Billy’s Vanilla, Vanilla recipe from Martha Stewart’s website.  Mmmm, this is a FANTASTIC recipe.  I’m usually a chocolate all-the-way woman but these are definitely the exception!

While the cupcakes were cooling, I melted some chocolate chips (see, I had to get some chocolate in there somewhere) and poured the melty heaven into a squeeze bottle.  From there, I squeezed mini hearts onto parchment paper layed over a cookie sheet.

The chocolate hearts needed a few minutes in the fridge before they were ready to be smooshed into the buttercream. 

This could easily translate to an Easter cupcake – making white chocolate “ears” on the parchment paper, cooling them for a few minutes, then pressing them into a mound of white buttercream.

Craving more chocolate?  Try some of these delicious treats:

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