Here’s a perfect recipe for gooey, rich chocolate syrup (without preservatives and other chemicals).

This is so thick and chocolatey!  This chocolate syrup is great for making chocolate milk, topping ice cream, drizzling over Puffy German Pancakes, adding to brownie batter, or (my favorite) adding to my iced coffee!

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Homemade Chocolate Syrup

3/4 C Water
1.5 C Sugar
3/4 C Cocoa
1 tsp Vanilla
Pinch of Salt
2 T Corn Syrup


After the chocolate syrup has cooled, add 1 drop of Edible Peppermint Essential Oil or 3 drops of Edible Orange Essential Oil.

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Boil water and sugar together. Whisk in remaining ingredients (except for the essential oils – add them after the mixture has cooled.) and cook over medium heat for about two minutes. Let the chocolate syrup cool and pour into storage container of choice. (I use glass). Once it’s cool, I keep it in the fridge.

When I make homemade chocolate syrup, I like to use a high quality cocoa for a very chocolately flavor.
My favorites are Sharffen Berger and Valrhona.

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  1. Thanks! @Ryan: I'm glad you like the recipe. Enjoy 🙂 @Stef: I haven't braved the sugar substitute with this yet. I've heard that certain brands don't hold up well to the boiling heat. mmm Mochas are so good! This recipe certainly isn't low calorie but it's so rich in my iced coffee that it doesn't take much to taste the chocolate.

  2. Wow! That's so awesome. Wait til I tell my hubby. He loves the stuff, and would drink it everyday in a tall glass of milk if I kept it around that often. 🙂 Now, I just might have to surprise him with a homemade version. Ha! I have a recipe share party going on at my blog until Saturday 11 pm. I would love it if you would post this recipe over there!


    Sarah (

  3. Thanks so much for that recipe. We've had to tighten our budget lately after signing up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. I am trying to find more frugal ways to save money on groceries. I'd been buying the large bottle of Hershey's syrup for the kids and it's over $3.50 a bottle! It doesn't last us 2 weeks. After seeing your recipe, I see I have everything I need to make it! This will definately save money on my grocery bill! Thanks!

  4. Sarah, wanted to let you know I used your recipe today! It turned out great! I posted it on my blog and mentioned you with a link to your page! Thanks so much for the great recipe! It was tasty!

    1. Yay! It’s so so so good! I’m glad you’re enjoying this recipe. Heck, I’ve even been know to quadruple this recipe – and it keeps for months in the fridge.

    1. When I make the chocolate syrup, it doesn’t last very long before it’s gone. Once I made a huge batch and it lasted in the fridge for a few months with no problems.

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