A nice, cold glass of iced tea on a hot day is just so refreshing!  Back in Texas, we had many 100+ degree days in a row.  It got out of hand! I grew up in Maryland so I’m used to hot summers but not like Texas heat! My mom used to make iced tea year round and in the summer, she would brew it on our back deck, in direct sun. There’s just something about the smooth flavor of summer inside a nice, cold glass of sun tea.

(I also eat my tea. But, that’s another post! Check out more drink recipes from Sugar Bananas!)

It’s times like this I like to make sun tea (for two reasons).

#1.  It doesn’t involve heating the kitchen! (I’ve even been known to cook dinner in a slow cooker on the back porch because its JUST TOO HOT!)
#2:  It has a delicious flavor.

The tea isn’t going to boil so it won’t be killing bacteria.  So, make sure to start off with a very clean pitcher AND only keep the tea around for a day or two. Sun tea is so delicious that I’m sure it will run out before then.

To Make Sun Tea

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I use this 2.5 quart glass pitcher. It’s important to use glass since the sun needs to penetrate and create a mini greenhouse effect to warm the water and brew the tea. Plus, if I’m storing liquids in a container, I NEVER use plastic!
Pick your favorite tea. Black, Green, Oolong, Herbal, whatever you love. I like Lipton brand black tea because it’s what my momma used when I was young to make her sun tea.
I use 8-10 teabags depending on how much caffeine I need want that day.
Fill the jar with filtered water (for the best flavor) and drop in the bags.
Move the tea to a sunny spot.  I put my pitcher on my back porch in direct sun for over 2 hours.  It can stay and brew longer because the sun does all of the work.  Just make sure the pitcher is sealed (bugs like tea, too).
After it’s done sunbathing, add some sugar and some food grade essential oils already!
A drop of lime or orange are my favorites in my sun tea. Chill and serve.

***(I use oils EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Learn more about why I NEED them here.)***
There’s only one brand I’ll use.
sun tea from sugarbananas.com

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