Orange Peppermint Lemonade is a fresh, citrus mix of summer in a glass. It’s bubbly, ice cold, and refreshing – Perfect for a summer BBQ with friends and family.

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Fresh Is Best

Fresh lemons are ideal but if you don’t have the time or patience to squeeze a ton of lemons, you can use True Lemon, bottled lemon juice, or your favorite lemonade mix to keep things simple when you make Orange Peppermint Lemonade. I use lemonade as a base and then added some tasty mix ins to create an extra delicious summer drink for our backyard BBQ’s. It goes great paired with some of our other summertime must-haves like Sticky Peach BBQ and Pineapple Shrimp Teriyaki Kebabs from the grill.

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The kids love a bubbly treat and my favorite is the cooling mint added at the end. It gives the Orange Peppermint Lemonade a fresh flavor that I CRAVE in the summer.

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Orange Peppermint Lemonade

(Makes approximately 12 servings)


1 3/4 Cups Lemon Juice (Or 14 tsp of True Lemon)

2 Cups Sugar

1 Cup Orange Juice Concentrate (from the freezer section)

2 Liters of Sparkling Water (Plain, Lemon, or Orange flavored)

Fresh Mint


1 drop of Edible Peppermint Essential Oil   I use oils EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Learn more about why I need them here.
4 drops of Edible Orange Essential Oil


In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients except for the sparkling water. Next, stir to completely dissolve the sugar and orange juice concentrate. Slowly pour in the sparkling water and serve immediately over crushed ice. Finally, garnish each glass with a sprig of fresh peppermint and sip through a fun, summery straw. Enjoy!

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Summer makes me want to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the extra time with my kids while they’re home.  As soon as school lets out, we practically set up shop at the pool and dream of making tasty treats. 

Extra Minty

I not only added fresh mint leaves to the Orange Peppermint Lemonade but edible peppermint essential oil as well for an extra cooling pop of flavor.

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