I’m so sick of soy! It’s NOT the ONLY meat alternative. Soy is everywhere! It’s in almost every single ingredient list I find. The effect on female hormones is why I try to limit how much soy I consume. I’ve found a great meat alternative that DOESN’T contain SOY!

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I’d love to be 100% vegetarian. I really would. I just can’t do it. I love a cheesesteak sub (remembering Maryland…) way too much to ever say “never again.”  …and then there’s bacon. Just forget it. But, I DO eat tons of vegetarian meals. I love incorporating more plants into our diet. See my Vegetarian Make Ahead Meal Plan HERE.

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In the mean time, I’m still sick of soy, though.

For a while there, I was making a meatless meal every Monday night. Over time, one night a week of plant-based dinners has turned into 5-6 per week.

However, I’ve found that most meat-less “meats” are nothing more than some veggies pureed with soy protein. Soy is EVERYWHERE! (Soy milk, soy cheese, soy noodles, tofu, pretend chicken, ‘burgers’, etc.) No thanks.

According to the National Institute of Health,

“Soy’s possible role in breast cancer risk is uncertain. Until more is known about soy’s effect on estrogen levels, women who have or who are at increased risk of developing breast cancer or other hormone-sensitive conditions (such as ovarian or uterine cancer) should be particularly careful about using soy and should discuss it with their health care providers.”

Once again, no thanks.

So, I’ve found an alternative to a meat alternative (hehehe). Well, when making spaghetti at least.

Garbonzo Beans!

It’s almost too simple. The kiddos love it …and it’s good for them.

Sick of Soy Tip:

Pick your favorite spaghetti sauce and noodles. I use rotini a lot since it’s easier for little ones to keep on their fork.

Drained beans in the blender.
***At this point, I like to add a tiny amount of Edible Basil Essential Oil and Oregano Essential Oil. Just one toothpick stuck into the bottle and swirled into the spaghetti sauce is all you’ll need.
***(I use oils EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Learn more about why I need them here.)
Pour entire jar of sauce on top.

The texture is meaty and thick and the flavor is great.

The best part is garbonzo beans contain 6 grams of protein and only 1 gram of fat per serving.  They also contain a good amount of folate, fiber, and iron.

Although the sodium is on the high side, it includes the liquid.  That’s drained before pureeing so I’m sure it cuts a lot of the sodium.

One more thing –

yep, now it’s ready.


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  1. I agree on the soy issue. It really is in everything once you start looking at labels. Garbanzo beans are a very clever idea for a meatless sauce. Great idea Sarah 🙂

  2. I buy the Reduced Sodium or Organic Garbanzo Beans. Both have a much lower sodium count, sometimes for the same price, sometimes for a just 20 cents more.

    Meat consumption has been linked to increased cancer too. For ovarian cancer, it's processed meat that seems to increase cancer risk. (http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/04/20/us-processed-meat-idUSTRE63J42N20100420)

    For other cancers, like colorectal cancers, it's red meat in general.

    Beans are the safest choice by far, and Garbanzos are so versatile! Thanks for sharing your sauce – I'm excited to try it!

  3. Something else people should know about soy is that you should not eat it or drink soy milk if you are on thryroid medication. Soy mimics the effects of thryroid so will mess with your meds.

    I love chick peas; there are so many wonderful ways to eat them. I'll remember the spaghetti sauce tip! Thanks.

  4. YUM – that looks good and I bet my peeps would eat it without complaining. You can also cook your own chickpeas int he crock pot and control the salt that way. Did you know that people with thyroid disease (mostly women) should not eat or drink soy, also? It's pushed all the time like women everywhere need it and some of us def do not!

  5. I am going to try this – never thought of using beans in spaghetti sauce! I like to do my beans from dried since I have a heart condition and have to keep the sodium down. Plus, if you just soak them overnight, rinse then throw in the crockpot until done, they don't get all mushy. You can then drain them and portion them out in freezer bags so you always have some ready. Saves lots of money, too. Win win!

  6. We've been trying to eat some meals without meat too. I'll have to try this. It's only my husband and I and I'm finding it hard to cook for two without having to eat leftovers for days.

  7. Awesome idea! I try to go meatless once a week, but with 2 of 3 in the house being soy intolerant (as well as having trouble with gluten, sesame, egg and a bunch of other stuff), it can be tricky. I usually just make things that normally don't have meat in them, but I really love this idea- definitely going to give it a try!

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