Why I Don’t Eat Soy Protein

sick of soy meat free alternative on www.sugarbananas.com

I’m so sick of soy! It’s NOT the ONLY meat alternative. Soy is everywhere! It’s in almost every single ingredient list I find. The effect on female hormones is why I try to limit how much soy I consume. I’ve found a great meat alternative that DOESN’T contain SOY! I’d love to be 100% vegetarian. […]

White Lasagna Roll-Ups

It was late in the afternoon and I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner so I searched the fridge for anything that would work well together.  I came up with this and it was a huge success.  The kiddos gobbled up every last bit and asked for more. It was too […]

Local Honey for My Honey

My MIL has been telling me to get some local raw honey for my honey.  He has nasty allergies and there are claims that local honey is the best medicine for this problem.  I looked into this claim and found there are no official studies for proof.  There was an unofficial study conducted that found […]

Coconut, Pumpkin, and Chocolate Chips!

I’ve been trying to use up some ingredients in my pantry.  I found some pumpkin and coconut and thought, “there has to be something I can do with both of these”.  It turns out – there is!  I found this great recipe for pumpkin coconut muffins.  The sugar on top was my idea (and ended up […]

WW Banana Bread with Wheat Germ

Banana bread is one of my simple pleasures.  Warm, right out of the oven, and melting butter is my favorite way to eat it.  It’s also a nice and easy way to use up over ripened bananas sitting on my counter.  Weight Watcher’s ‘Simply Delicious’ cookbook has been on my shelf for going on five […]

Who Was a Girl Scout?

I ate enough “Ants on a Log” for 10 girl scouts.  My little one isn’t officially a girl scout but she had her first log full of ants this week.  She loved it…and asked for five more.  Ahh, my little mini-me.