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This week, we’re on to Week 3 Vegetarian Make Ahead Plan! This week, you’ll get to try some meals that traditionally are made with meat. However, the recipes you’ll find here are meatless and even more delicious!

But first, an

A N N O U N C E M E N T ! ! !
Make Ahead Meal Plan from

By popular demand, I’ve created a fantastic 5 Week Meal Prep Plan for you in an easy, printable! What you get:

5 Menu Calendars

5 Weekly Make Ahead Menus

5 Shopping Lists

5 Make Ahead Instructions

25 Recipes

Suggested Tools

It’s everything you’ll need to organize meal time. I’ve spent hours testing recipes, preparing shopping lists, and simplifying the process into an easy, make-ahead meal prep. You’ll end up with a refrigerator stocked for the week and more!

Follow along for the Vegetarian Meal Prep Series on Facebook LIVE on Mondays at 2pm EST. We’re ready for Week 3 of the Meal Prep Menu Series!

How to Meal Prep with Sarah from Sugar Bananas vegetarian meal prep

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This week’s meal prep menu is full of homemade flavor and if you prep ahead with my tips, you’ll be 10 steps ahead of your week!

Week 3: Vegetarian Meal Prep Menu Series

  1. Portobello Parmesan
  2. Bourbon Cashews and Broccoli
  3. Southwest Penne
  4. Split Pea Soup and 5 Minute Bread
  5. Ricotta Pesto Veggie Pizza

Here’s a peek at the first week of prepping fun:

***This menu is a meal plan for 4 people for 5 dinners and 5 lunches. I make 5 meals and will make extra occasionally to freeze for future meals.

You will need a few tools before you begin.

First, read the Meal Prep 101 post to be ready for Monday afternoon.

Next, here are a few items that help make meal prepping a smooth and enjoyable process.

Gallon Freezer Bags
Bag Holder
Large Pot
Good Knives
Large Platter
Scrap Trap

For recipes, follow Sugar Bananas on Facebook each Monday at 2pm EST!

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Printable Menu for Week 3:

Get the Free Shopping List, Recipes and Instructions for Week 1:

free vegetarian make ahead meal plan from

In several recipes, I suggest using an essential oil instead of a dried herb. This is completely optional. I use them because of their incredible health benefits. If you use an essential oil in your meal, I suggest ONLY using the highest quality essential oils.

My favorite is Young Living brand. Also, remember when you add the oil, most of the time, just one drop is needed. Don’t be to add more. The flavor develops over a few minutes and is delightfully fresh and powerful. Finally, only add the oil after you’ve completed the heating process to not destroy the healthy benefits of using the oil in your food.

If you’d like to purchase these amazing oils, look here and I also HIGHLY suggest you google the benefits of adding essential oils to your day. You can learn more about essential oils here.

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